Gelatinous Cube

The gelatinous cube is a large and slow moving species of slime native to most temperate dungeon regions.

They are prolific omnivores able to obtain nutrients from nearly any object they manage to suspended within their gelatinous flesh.

They reproduce through bisection often as a defense mechanism from being sliced by a sharp weapon. It's believed that all gelatinous cubes derive from a single ancestor colloquially known as the source cube.[1]

A group of slimes (including gelatinous cubes) is referred to as a smack.[citation needed]

Gelatinous Cube

a gelatinous cube
A gelatinous cube




The flesh of gelatinous cubes is comestible when dried and used as an ingredient within some cuisines. Most notably Gelatinous Cube Soup which is a popular dish considered by many to be an acquired delicacy as well as being good for the skin. The consumption of expired canned gelatinous cube has been known to kill dozens of adventurers every year. [2] [3]

In Culture

Cube Gleaming refers to the practice of repeatedly slicing cubes to invoke unnatural bisection with the goal of harvesting item drops from an unnaturally spawned smack of cubes. Among youths a cube gleamer is a pejorative term for an uncreative individual. [citation needed]


A Gelatinous Cube digesting a Gyorn
A gelatinous cube digesting a gyorn [link]
A Cube Gleamer surrounded by gelatinous cubes
A Cube Gleamer surrounded by gelatinous cubes [link]


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